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My name is Lavender George and I love to make things. I have been painting, creating and crafting since a small child, firstly from sheer pleasure, and when my children were small, and money was tight, from necessity. Now I hope to make art my main source of income and keep the sewing, crochet and knitting for fun.
I hope you enjoy looking at the things I make, and reading about my inspiration and work in progress.
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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sparrows in the Holly Bush

Where I sit and paint I can see the holly bush in my back garden. The small birds love to sit in the holly bush and each year blackbirds nest there. It had grown so much over the last couple of years that this autumn I had it cut back quite hard, so you can see the interior of the bush, and as I sat here painting the other day I noticed a group of sparrows all perched on the cut branches. They looked so sweet, like little feathered decorations, and I thought the scene would make a lovely painting.
Here are my initial sketches.


  1. Just come over from Folksy, how talented you are these sparrows are gorgeous and what a lovely view to have.

  2. Thank you. I've only lived in Bournemouth for a couple of years. I moved from London, and I'm still amazed at all the wildlife and birdlife that comes into my garden. I saw a sparrowhawk yesterday. And we have badgers in one of the gardens nearby that terrify my cats!

  3. Adorable birdies, I love birds but cannot encourage them to visit as my cat loves them too... but not in a good way! Michele x

  4. gosh sparrows. I thought they were extinct! Lovely sketches.