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My name is Lavender George and I love to make things. I have been painting, creating and crafting since a small child, firstly from sheer pleasure, and when my children were small, and money was tight, from necessity. Now I hope to make art my main source of income and keep the sewing, crochet and knitting for fun.
I hope you enjoy looking at the things I make, and reading about my inspiration and work in progress.
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Friday, 15 April 2011

Two Wedding Fascinators

This is the first of two fascinators I made for my friend's wedding at the end of April. This is a 1950's inspired fascinator made with a teardrop base, which I covered in a mauve shot silk material. I then added a small frilled circle from the same material, a mauve button and three small pink feathers.
Here is the second fascinator I made. This is made from a straw circle base onto which I have sewn a bright orange feather flower corsage, and black sinamay whirls, which I made by hand.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Hippy, Summer-of-Love style Handbag

I was given this handbag some years ago by a friend and it has been a very well used summer staple. However, I thought it was looking a little tired, so I crocheted some purple, lavender and pink flowers and a little white butterfly and sewed them onto the front to refresh it and bring it up to date for this year's 70's inspired fashions. It will look lovely with a long maxi dress, crochet waistcoat and gladiator sandals, or palazzo pants, vest top, floppy 70's hat and big sunglasses. Fab! Now all I need is the summer .......and some love!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Hollywood Film Star Snood

Here is a snood I made for cold winter days, when you want to keep your ears warm, but still be film star gorgeous. I had some fabulous, soft fake fur fabric that I bought a metre of in a fabric sale and I had a small amount of soft white lining material left from another project that I thought would go together. I measured my head from my forehead to the back of my head to get the width required and added a couple of inches for a seam allowance. Then I cut out a long strip, like a scarf from both the fur fabric and the lining material. Putting the two right sides together, I stitched around them, leaving one of the short sides open to turn the fabric out. I trimmed the seams, turned and gently pressed the edges on the lining side of the fabric, and handstitched the open edge. Then I made a tassel from some crochet cotton, in the same way you make a pompom, using card, but tying off near the top of the cotton after it has been wound and then snipping the bottom windings. I folded the scarf in half lining side together and pinned about six inches together at the top and tried it on to see if it was a good fit. Then I hand sewed the two pieces together from the inside, so that the stitches didn't show on the outside, and included the tassel at the top most point of the join. And there you have it. A fabulous, 50's style snood.